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Please take some time and enjoy this internet gallery featuring my original handpainted watercolors of vintage Volkswagens. Why Volkswagens?


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  Why Volkswagens?  

When I was a teenager, Volkswagens were everywhere. They were one of the most popular cars in America and became the icon of the "Peace & Love" era. Even today, in a sea of homogeneous cars, the VW Beetle and Microbus are instantly recognizable.

As a Volkswagen owner and collector, I attend a lot of car shows. Every babyboomer has a VW story to tell. As an artist, I see old VW's as symbols of the youth of my generation - maybe rusting in the junkyard, but viewed with fond memories. Happily, folks both young and middle-aged are rescuing these old Volkswagens and putting them on the road for fun and pleasure. But whether you are a VW owner (past or present), VW fan or enjoy 1960's and 1970's nostalgia, I'm sure you will like my vintage VW originals, prints and greeting cards.